Fu Dao Le

You can have your taste of the Oriental with the Fu Dao Le Slot brought to you by Bally Technologies. There are 3 important deities in Chinese philosophy – Fu (for prosperity), Lu (for status) and Shou (for long life). This name is based on the deity for prosperity. The curved screen allows you a great view of the opulent graphics and the great backdrop of this game, and arguably the best background music among all casinos online. Each of the reels carries 3 symbols in the 5-reel and 243 payline architecture of Fu Dao Le Slot. You have the option of playing the Fu Dao Le Slot for free, or you can play Fu Dao Le Slot for real money.

Although you can’t play Fu Dao Le Slot in the US and Canada at present, if you are from the UK or any other European country, you can easily play the Fu Dao Le Slot game. The red envelop that you see on the top of your screen is the icon for the progressive jackpots, and the three levels allow you the chance to win a lot of money. Any player will enjoy the bonus features, in which every round offers great possibilities of extra cash or extra spins. When we tell you the rules, you will be able to make out the best strategy of playing the Fu Dao Le Slot casino slot online.

Basic Features

If you are a new player who has just begun to play Fu Dao Le Slot machine online, you can start off by betting as low as 38 cents per round. Once you have understood the paytable completely and know the financial impact of every combination of each symbol, then you can go up to the maximum bet amount of $8.88 and roll bigger amounts. But before we give you those tips, let us take a look at the symbols you will be playing with:

  • Red Lantern
  • Golden Chalice
  • Orange
  • Golden Fish
  • Precious Stones
  • Green Gong
  • Card symbols (9, 10, Jack, Queen, King, Ace)

You will also see Multiplying Wilds, Bonus Symbols, Clumped Wild symbols

There are many bonus features, which include your stash of free spins, attractive multipliers and extra Wild symbols. The first type of bonus rounds is the collection of Clumped Wilds. When this lands on the middle reel, it spreads across the other reels and converts into a stacked Wild. This opens up the jackpot rounds, and also provides 15 golden coins. Whichever way 3 of these coins fall will determine which of the available jackpots you can become eligible for. The free spin rounds provide as many as 8 additional rounds, and each of those 8 brings an additional 2x multiplier.

The Envelop symbols not only initiate the jackpots, but they also can be used to take the place of other symbols. The Red Envelop Jackpot is awarded when the envelop symbols appear on the first and the last reels of the play lines. The usual range of the jackpots is from $100 to $200 but it might vary from machine to machine. The progressive jackpots come to you in the following levels – Mini, Minor, Major, and Maxi. You (or your wager amount) have no role in deciding which of these three you end up playing, and it is completely predetermined by the software algorithms. Even if you are playing at the base level of 38c, you could stand to win a minimum of $9 on the lowest of the jackpots. But if you want to win bigger jackpots, you must follow the simple tips of increasing your wager amounts.

The last feature you will be interested to hear about is the ‘Good Fortune Has Arrived’ feature. It appears randomly while you are playing, and is usually the harbinger of some kind of good news. You could get a bonus round or a progressive jackpot or any substantial win amount.

How You Can Win in Fu Dao Le

The good features we mentioned above must be seen in the light of the high volatility of this game, so all the wins mentioned above might not happen in consecutive rounds. Because there are 243 ways in which you can notch up winning combinations, that’s why you might not be too far away of a handsome win if you are able to plug away patiently. This is borne out by the RTP of 96% you get. Keep a watch on the red envelop at the top of your screen with the jackpot amounts noted below it. You might know that in China, the red envelop is usually used to give cash gifts to children and adults, and in this slot, it will be a bringer of good news for you and you can finally say ‘Good Fortune Has Arrived’.

Final Thoughts

You will find it refreshing to find an Oriental theme which does not deal with martial arts and violent themes. You will get a taste of the rich Chinese heritage and the lavish lifestyle befitting royalty. The progressive jackpots will endear this game to you, and the numerous opportunities to win cash rewards will keep you playing for hours, aiming for the next big turn. Regular players opine that the regular round-by-round play is nice, but the real fun comes along with the progressive jackpots. Join in today and start winning! Go for a round by pressing the spin button as no monetary cheats are allowed here.